Vertical High Pressure Steam Sterilisers Double Jacketed Model

HE Vertical high pressure steam sterilisers with outer cover, inner chamber and lid made of stainless steel. In two sizes to accomodate two dressing drums. Fitted with double safety valves, Electrically operated or on gas / kerosene.

This steriliser is a most versatile and very popular model specially designed and is ideally suitable for use in medium size general hospitals, surgical clinics and maternity homes.It has double chamber with outer jacket made out of S.S 304 plate and inner chamber made out of 316 stainless steel sheet. The body is well insulated and covered with stainless steel sheet. All joints are welded and hydraulically tested to withstand twice working pressure. The working pressure is 22 lbs psi.. The lid is dome shaped and is made of heavy gauge stainless steel sheet. Strong wing nuts are provided to tighten the lid.

The steriliser is fitted with pressure gauge, two safety valves : 1.Spring loaded 2. Dead weight (Gravity operated). These valves are so adjusted and arranged that incase the former fails, the later will function. The spring loaded safety valve is adjusted to 22 lbs and will blow off the excess steam and maintain the pressure near constant at 22 lbs psi. The steriliser is also fitted with water inlet valve, (funnel), Steam exhaust valve and water level gauge glass and stem coke. All fittings are made of Stainless Steel. The legs are made of best quality castings and powder Coated.

Size : 12" dia x 20" depth to accommodate two dressing drums upto siz - 11"x9"
Size : 16" dia x 24" depth to accommodate two dressing drums upto siz - 13"x11"


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