Major Table
Major Head End Control Surgical Operating Table
HE Universal multi-purpose model Major head end control hydraulic surgical operation table having three stage telescopic type barrel system, ideally suitable for major and minor surgical procedures, giving various operating positions.

The most modern table built stronger to last longer.

29" minimum height (73.9cm approx.), 45" maximum (114.7cm approx.)

72" long and 20" wide (approx.) in 5 sections.
Base covered with stainless steel. Hydraulic pump with telescopic barrel system. Heavy body and top in sections covered with stainless steel. Side railings Lithotomy legholders etc. made of stainless steel. Consealed geared mechanism for complete head and control. Indicator dial for selecting positions.

Standard accessories

1.Anaesthetist screen
2 Foam mattress in sections
3.Intravenous arm rest having stainless steel top
4.Lithotomy holders (Stirrups)
5.Shoulder supports
6.Leather wristlets
7.Body supports (Lateral supports)
8.Kidney bridge
9.Foot rest

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