Horizontal Cylinderical High Pressure Steam Steriliser

Standard Chamber Sizes:

# 500 mm x 1200 mm (20"x48")
# 500 mm x 900 mm (20"x36")
# 500 mm x 600 mm (20"x24")
# 400 mm x 1200mm (16"x48")
# 400 mm x 600 mm (16"x24")
    (High Speed)

HE Horizontal Cylindrical high pressure surgical steam sterilizer suitable for working pressure of 22 psi (121°c temperature in mercury).

The chamber and jacket of this steriliser are made of 316-quality stainless steel sheet, duly argon welded having single stainless steel door. The outer cover, shooting rods, end ring, radial arms, steam generator (boiler) and its door also made of stainless steel. The unit will be mounted on painted mild steel tubular stand with stainless steel ground leveling flanges.

The equipment will be complete with standard fittings like Multiport valve, Safety valve, Pressure switch, Low water cut-off (Magnetic level switch). Compound gauge, Pressure gauge, Dial thermometer, Vacuum drier systems etc.

The steriliser will be suitable for electrical operation on 400/440 volts, 50 cycles, Ac supply with neutral. Electrical load : 9 kw.

High Speed Flash Autoclaves with different sizes

# Single Door
# Dobule Door
# Vaccum Pump
# Thermal Printer
# Stereomatic
# PLC / Microprocessor

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